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Becoming happy, healthy and vital

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My ambitions had always been bigger than my body. I became a reasonably good athlete despite a clear lack of talent. I compensated by working harder than everybody else but never achieved true excellence. In the end, I had to pay a heavy price for it. I burned out physically and emotionally. My body was as wrecked as my psyche.

I went on a quest to heal myself and, on the way, decode what talent is. Like an onion, I peeled away layer after layer of the human experience. I worked my way from the surface to the core. Starting at the outer layers of the musculoskeletal system, to nutrition and digestion, to breathing, to the inner ways our minds work, to how we connect with the cosmos.

I realized that all layers work together to create that is bigger than the sum of its parts.

The more I healed, the more I became unified and whole. The more whole I became, the easier challenges became. Suddenly I was talented. My potential grew with my perceptions and my energy feels inexhaustible since then.


Today, I embody the transformation to being happy, healthy and vital.

I am living life to my full potential, and you can too!



It's only ONE thing

You just have to follow the one new diet, the one new workout, the one new health fad.

It didn't work for you so far, It never worked for any body else.

Your health, happiness and vitality is determined by more than one aspect. It is an intricate interplay of many factors that influence each other.

It is complex - but it does not have to be complicated. I can see the big picture where others miss the forest for the trees.

I am here to guide you!


We all strife for self-awareness and -realization. That's the top of the pyramid.

But we will never get to the top if the foundational health is not laid out well.

The foundation are these five pillars:



Your mindset is the lever that makes or breaks your efforts. How many times did you start the right thing and not continue?

You will need a dream bigger than your crisis to turn pain into meaning and challenges into opportunities. That dream is a fire burning in your heart. It shines a light in the dark and keeps you going in the right direction. Your mind will then find a path toward your heart's desired direction. You do not need to be discouraged by obstacles if you can focus your mind on your heart's dream. Where there is a dream, there is a way. 


In my coaching, you will reconnect with your dream by learning to deeply listening to your heart. I will teach you to focus your mind on a clear vision and set achievable goals toward living a healthy life aligned with passion and purpose. 

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You can live weeks without food, days without water, but only minutes without breathing. Of course, you are breathing, but are you breathing well?

No function of the body or mind is unaffected by breathing, and no health challenge is unconnected to it. Whatever is bothering you right now, your breathing has a profound influence.


Learning to control your breath is the most impactful skill you can acquire to take care of yourself. In my coaching, you will learn to harness the power of breath to connect with your unconscious, improve your posture, increase your stress resilience and boost your energy levels.

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There is a perfect diet for everybody, but there is no diet perfect for everybody. Did you try to follow diets of good looking poster boys and girls, only to feel miserable after some time?

What works for somebody else might not work for you, and what worked for you yesterday might not work tomorrow again. Your diet should be as uniquely individual as you are, yet, respect our human evolutionary heritage. Our forefathers maintained vibrant health without counting calories. How did they do it? 


In my coaching, you will learn to understand your body's language of what it needs and how to eat for your unique demands, irrespective of dogmas and fad diets. You will reconnect to the innate wisdom of your body and experience food not only as a source of exuberant energy but also as joy. 


Movement is a medium and a metaphor for change. We do not only work with but through the body. Do you feel your body restricts you from living your dream life? 

I help you overcome limiting postural dysbalances, protracted injuries, aches and pains. You will develop fundamental bodily traits like

  • balance 

  • strength

  • mobility

  • rhythm & coordination.

Once embodied, they will transcend the physical and become a way of dealing with life with the same qualities. 


Through my coaching, your body will become the vehicle that allows you to live your dream life. Free of pain and limitations, full of vitality and potential. Capable of following your passion and purpose.

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    Let's discuss your health challenge and how I can help

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There is no overtraining, only under-recovery. Every workout needs a work-in. Do you know the feeling of being sure to have done the right thing but not seeing results?

Learning, growing, and healing - none happens when you endlessly push the pace but when you recover and rebuild afterwards. It is not only about putting in the work but also having the resources to adapt to it. The most powerful asset is quality sleep.


In my coaching, you will experience how much energy you can really have during the day if you find restful sleep at night. The work you have been putting in will finally yield a great return on investment.


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